ROGELIM (rō'gē-lĭm). A thrifty community near Mahanaim. Its citizens took supplies to David’s army (2Sam.17.27, 2Sam.17.29) and led him across the Jordan (2Sam.19.31).

ROGELIM, rō’ gə lĭm (רֹגְלִֽים; LXX Ρωγελ(λ, G3274) ειμ, LXX Lucian Ρακαβειν; meaning treaders; i.e. fullers).

The home of the aged and wealthy Barzillai, who along with others befriended David when he arrived in Mahanaim in his flight from Absalom (2 Sam 17:27-29), escorted David back over the Jordan, and bestowed David’s favors on his servant Chimham (2 Sam 19:31ff.). Abel suggested a possible site in “Tell Barsina” in E Gilead from the similarity of the name to Barzillai, but N. Glueck found no evidence of settlement there before the Rom. period and proposed instead the nearby Zaharet Soq’ah (AASOR, XXV-XXVIII [1951], 176, 177). Y. Aharoni, however, still saw a possibility in “Bersinya” about twenty-five m. N of Mahanaim (The Macmillan Bible Atlas [1968], 182).

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

ro’-ge-lim, ro-ge’-lim (roghelim; Rhogelleim): The place whence came Barzillai the Gileadite to succor David in his flight from Absalom (2Sa 17:27; 19:31). It probably lay near the path followed by David, but it is not identical.