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Rams’ Skins

RAMS’ SKINS (עֹרֹ֨ת אֵילִ֧ם). Skins of rams, tanned and dyed red, were used as the third of four coverings over the Tabernacle proper (Exod 25:5; 26:14; 35:7, 23; 36:19; 39:34). Sheep skin, tanned with oil, is used today by shepherds of the Near E. It gives good protection against wind and rain. Syrians still dye rams’ skins red, rubbing the tanned skin with a red dye solution. From it colorful shoes and saddles are made.

Article 2

The skin of the sheep, roughly tanned with all the wool on, is the common winter jacket of the shepherd or peasant, the ram’s being considered especially desirable (compare Heb 11:37). Hence, the appropriateness of these skins in the covering of the tabernacle (Ex 25:5, etc.).