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PUAH (pū'a, Heb. pû‘âh)

A member of the clan of Tola, of the tribe of Issachar (Num.26.23; Judg.10.1).One of the Hebrew midwives who refused to obey the edict of Pharaoh to destroy the infant sons born of Hebrew women (Exod.1.15-Exod.1.20).

PUAH pu’ ə (פּוּעָֽה). 1. One of the two Heb. midwives who were commanded by the king of Egypt to kill all Heb. male children at birth (Exod 1:15-20).

2. The father of Tola, the judge (Judg 10:1).

3. A descendant of Issachar; called PUVAH (pū’ veh) in Genesis 46:13 (KJV PHUVAH, fū’ veh) and Numbers 26:23 (KJV PUA).

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

pu’-a, pu’-va: (1) pu’ah: One of the Hebrew midwives whom the king of Egypt commanded to kill all male children of the Hebrews at birth. The midwives, fearing God, refused to obey, pretending that the children of the Hebrew women were usually born before they arrived. Their act is spoken of as being meritorious in the eyes of the Lord, who is said to have rewarded them by making "houses" for them (Ex 1:15-20). In the Midrash, Ex Rabba’, Puah is identified with Miriam, and Shiphrah, the other midwife, with her mother Jochebed. According to another tradition Puah was a proselyte.

(2) pu’ah, in 1Ch 7:1; puwwah, in Ge 46:13; Nu 26:23; written also "Pua" the King James Version, and "Puvah" Revised Version: Second son of Issachar, ancestor of the Punites, enumerated in the desert census taken by Moses and Eleazar.

(3) pu’ah: Member of the tribe of Issachar, mentioned (Jud 10:1) as the son of Dodo and the father of Tola, the judge.

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