POTIPHERA, POTIPHERAH (pō-tĭf'êr-a, Heb. potiphera, the one given by the sun-god). [[The Egyptian]] priest of On whose daughter Asenath was given to Joseph for a wife (Gen.41.45, Gen.41.50; Gen.46.20).

POTIPHERA pə tĭf’ ə rə (פֹּ֥וטִי פֶ֛רַע). The father-in-law of Joseph (Gen 41:45). He is referred to as a priest of On (Heliopolis), the center of the worship of the sun-god, Re’. The fact that outside of the Bible this name has not been discovered in Egypt earlier than c. the 10th cent. b.c. is no sure proof that the Genesis story is of a late date.

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

(poTi phera`; Egyptian Padipara, "the (one) given of the sun-god"; compare Hebrew Nathaniel, "the gift of God," Ge 41:45,50; 46:20): There is no certain evidence from Egypt that this name was in existence until the XXIInd Dynasty, about 950 BC. But names of the Hyksos period, and, indeed, any kind of Hyksos inscriptions, are so scarce on account of the destruction of Hyksos monuments by the Egyptians of later times that the absence of such names is really no evidence on the subject. The fact that this name has not been discovered earlier than 950 BC does not give any warrant for the claim that the narrative is of a late date.