PANEL. The tr. of two Heb. words. 1. מִסְגֶּ֫רֶת, H4995, border (1 Kings 7:28 passim); better, panels, describing the construction of the wheeled lavers of Solomon’s Temple (see Laver). These were box-shaped, four cubits square and three cubits high. The sides were formed of ornamented stile and rails (borders) and the area within was a panel ornamented with lions, oxen, and cherubim.

2. סָפַן, H6211, to panel (ciel, KJV). The paneled work finishing the walls and ceiling of the palace of Shallum, who presumed to think his dynasty would continue and so foolishly lavished labor on it in the face of impending doom (Jer 22:14). It was also invidious that the repatriates of Haggai’s day paneled their houses, but left God’s house in ruins (Hag 1:4).