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MIKLOTH (mĭk'lŏth, Heb. miqlôth, rods)

A Benjamite in Jerusalem after the Exile (1Chr.8.32; 1Chr.9.37-1Chr.9.38).A ruler of twenty-four thousand men in the time of David (1Chr.27.4).

MIKLOTH mĭk’ lŏth (מִקְלֹ֖ות). 1. A descendant of the Benjaminite Jeiel, who lived at Gibeon, and the father of Shimeah (1 Chron 8:32; 9:37, 38). When the two passages are compared, it is apparent that the name Mikloth has been dropped at the end of 1 Chronicles 8:31.

2. An officer who served under Dodai the Ahohite in the army of David (1 Chron 27:4 RSVmg.). The words, “and his division and Mikloth the chief officer,” are omitted in the RSV, although the KJV and ASV have similar statements.

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

mik’-loth, mik’-loth (miqloth):

(1) A Benjamite, son of Jeiel (1Ch 8:32; 9:37,38). A comparison of the two passages shows that the name Mikloth has been dropped at the end of 1Ch 8:31.

(2) An officer designated "the ruler," appointed in the priestly course for the 2nd month (1Ch 27:4).