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Malkijah, Malchiah

MALKIJAH, MALCHIAH (măl-kī'ja, măl- kī'a, Heb. malkîyâh, malkîâ, my king is the Lord). 1. A Gershonite, the ancestor of Asaph, the singer in David’s time (1Chr.6.40).

2. An ancestor of the priest Adaiah who returned from exile and lived in Jerusalem (1Chr.9.12; Neh.11.12).

3. A priest in David’s time to whom was assigned the fifth lot of service (1Chr.24.9).

4. An Israelite in the family of Parosh who had married a foreign woman (Ezra.10.25).

5. Another in the same family who did the same (Ezra.10.25).

6. A member of the family of Harim who was guilty of the same practice (Ezra.10.31).

7. A son of Harim who worked on the wall (Neh.3.11), possibly the same as no. 6.

8. The son of Recab who repaired the Dung Gate of the wall (Neh.3.14).

9. A goldsmith who worked on the wall (Neh.3.31).

10. One of the men who stood on the left side of Ezra as he read the law to the people (Neh.8.4).

11. One of those who sealed the covenant with Nehemiah (Neh.10.3).

12. A priest who took part in the dedication of the wall (Neh.12.42). Perhaps the same as no. 11.

13. Father of Pashhur, messenger of King Zedekiah to Jeremiah (Jer.21.1). Pashhur helped arrest the prophet (Jer.38.1).

14. The son of King Zedekiah and the owner of the dungeon into which Jeremiah was put (Jer.38.6).