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MAHALALEL (ma-hā'la-lĕl, Heb. mahălal’ēl, praise of God). The son of Kenan, who lived 895 years, and was the father of Jared (Gen.5.12-Gen.5.13, Gen.5.15-Gen.5.17; 1Chr.1.2; Luke.3.37). In Luke.3.37 NIV has “Mahalaleel.”

MAHALALEL mə hăl’ ə lĕl (מַֽהֲלַלְאֵֽל). 1. Son of Kenan and father of Jared (Gen 5:12-17; 1 Chron 1:2 KJV all MAHALALEEL; Luke 3:37 KJV; MALELEEL ASV, RSV MAHALALEEL); called MEHUJAEL in Genesis 4:18.

2. The son of Perez; a postexilic Judahite (Neh 11:4; KJV MAHALELEEL).

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

(mahalal’el; the King James Version Mahalaleel, ma-ha’la-le-el, ma-hal’a-lel):

(1) Son of Cainan, the grandson of Seth (Ge 5:12 ff; 1Ch 1:2).

(2) The ancestor of Athaiah, one of the children of Judah who dwelt in Jerusalem after the return from exile (Ne 11:4).