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luis) of Granada (1504-1588. Spanish Dominican mystic, preacher, and writer. Born at Granada into the impoverished de Sarría family, he received schooling thanks to the aid of the marquis of Mondéjar and the Dominican priory of the Holy Cross, which he entered in 1524. He distinguished himself in studies and in 1529 was sent to the College of St. Gregory in Valladolid. Here he took the name “Louis of Granada” and was introduced to Christian humanism and perhaps mysticism. Louis was drawn to preaching and refused the offer of a professorship at Valladolid. About 1536 he was sent to restore the dilapidated monastery at Escala Coeli near Cordova. About 1548 he became prior at Badajoz, bringing him into contact with Portugal. A renowned preacher, in 1553 he became confessor for Queen Catherine of Portugal, in 1556 was elected provincial of his order for Portugal and spent the last three decades of his life there. His lasting contributions are his ascetical treatises On Prayer and Meditation (1544) and Sinners' Guide (1567), through which he decisively influenced, among others, Francis of Sales and Vincent de Paul.