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Lorenzo Campeggio

c.1472-1539. Archbishop of Bologna. At twenty-six he became a doctor of canon and civil law, and he was ordained in 1510 after the death of his wife. He was a great diplomat and became involved in the political intrigues of his time. In 1512 he was appointed to the bishopric of Feltre and from 1513 to 1517 was nuncio to Maximilian I. Leo X wanted him to bring peace among Christian princes and unite them in a crusade against the Turks, but he failed to gain Henry VIII's support. Campeggio also took a leading part in some of the greatest events of the Reformation. In 1519 he was appointed Segnatura, a post of the highest dignity and honor. When Adrian VI was elected pope in 1522, many plans for reform of abuses in the church were submitted to him, but the pontificate was too short to implement them. In 1523 Campeggio was created archbishop of Bologna and in 1524 was made protector of England in the Roman Curia. Henry VIII made him bishop of Salisbury in 1524; in 1528 he was sent to England to form a court with Thomas Wolsey* to try Henry's divorce case. He was deprived of the see of Salisbury by act of Parliament in 1535. In 1537 he was made cardinal.