LASHARON (lă-shā'rŏn, Heb. lashshārôn, probably to Sharon). A royal Canaanite town whose king was killed by Joshua (Josh.12.18). Listed along with Aphek, it is probably identifiable with the ancient Sarona, located on the plateau six and one-half miles (eleven km.) SW of Tiberias.

LASHARON lă shâr’ ən (לַשָּׁרֹ֖ון). A royal city of the Canaanites taken by Joshua (KJV, Josh 12:18; RSV LASHARON). LXXB reads here “the king of Aphek in Sharon,” and this is likely correct. The word may not be the name of a city, but part of a phrase, distinguishing this from other Apheks.