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KIRIATH, KIRJATH (kĭr'ĭ-ăth, kĭr'jăth, Heb. qiryath, a city). The word occurs alone (Josh.18.28) where Kiriath Jearim (so rsv) is meant, and as part of other names identified with the same (see Gen.23.2; Num.22.39; Josh.15.60; Ezra.2.25 for examples).

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

Mentioned (Jos 18:28) as a city of Benjamin; has been identified with Kuriet el `Enab, "town of grapes," a prosperous town on the highroad between Jerusalem and Jaffa; it is sometimes spoken of by the inhabitants as Qurieh. It is, however, generally thought that Kiriath here stands for KIRIATH-JEARIM (which see). See P E F, III, 132, Sh XVII.

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