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KELAIAH (kē-lā'ya, Heb. kēlāyâh). Also Kelita, a Levite who had taken a foreign wife in the days of Ezra and gave her up (Ezra.10.23).

KELAIAH kĭ lā’ yə (קְעִלָ֔ה). A Levite who had married a foreign wife and divorced her (Ezra 10:23; 1 Esd 9:23; KJV, ASV COLIUS). He was also called “Kelita” (1 Esd 9:23; KJV, ASV CALITAS). A Kelita appears in Nehemiah 8:7; 10:10; and 1 Esdras 9:48 (KJV, ASV CALITAS), but it is not certain that the two are the same.

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

ke-la’-ya, ke-li’-a (qelayah, "swift for Yah"[?]; Kolios; Codex Vaticanus, Konos): One of the priests who had "foreign wives" (Ezr 10:23, also "Kelita"). In parallel list of 1 Esdras 9:23, he again has a double name--"Colius" and "Calitas." A "Kelita" is named as helping Ezra at the expounding of the law (Ne 8:7; compare 1Esdras 9:48, "Calitas"), and also among the signatories of the covenant (Ne 10:9; for nature of covenant see Ne 10:28 ). They may not, however, be the same person.