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KAMON (kā'mŏn). A town in Gilead mentioned in Judg.10.5 as the burial place of the judge Jair.

KAMON kā’ mən (קָמֹֽון). A city of Gilead where the judge Jair was buried (Judg 10:3-5; KJV CAMON). The site is uncertain. Among possibilities are Qamm, SE of the Sea of Galilee, and Qumeim, E-NE of Irbid.

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

The place where Jair was buffed (Jud 10:3-5). It is possibly represented either by Kamm or Kumeim, ruins which lie about 6 and 7 miles respectively to the South-Southeast of Umm Keis. See further HAVVOTH-JAIR. The ruins of Kamm, about 200 yds. square, crown a small elevation, and point to an important place in the past. There are large rock-hewn cisterns to the South. Among the ruins of Kumein, which are not considerable, a few mud huts are built, occupied today by about 200 souls (Schumacher, Northern ’Ajlun, 137).