JUDE (Gr. Ioudas). Writer of the last of the letters in the NT. Both James and Jude in the opening of their letters show their Christian humility and their faith in the deity of Jesus by referring to themselves as servants of [[Jesus Christ]], rather than as his brothers in the flesh. Beyond this we know of Jude from Scripture only that, like his brothers, he did not believe in Jesus during his earthly ministry (John.7.5) but became his follower after the Resurrection (Acts.1.14). Hegesippus (c. a.d. 110-c. 180) says that two of his grandsons were brought before Domitian as descendants of David, but were dismissed as harmless peasants.

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

Brother of the Lord, and author of the [[Epistle of Jude]].

See [[Judas of James]] and following article.