John Morton

d.1912. Founder of the Canadian Presbyterian Mission to the East Indians in Trinidad, brought in as indentured labor for the sugar industry after emancipation. Social and religious factors inhibited their integration into Trinidadian Christianity, and Morton was sent to open a special mission to them. From 1868 until his death he was the leader of the mission which included, besides Trinidad, work in Guyana, St. Lucia, Grenada, and Jamaica. His approach was based on both education and evangelism. Although the Indian churches are small, his emphasis on schools enabled the Indians for the first time to make their way in the West Indies.* Considerable assistance came almost inadvertently from the Trinidad government which in Morton's time began to encourage the Indians to stay in the island. On the question of indentured immigration, Morton was conservative, accepting the system as he knew it, and was particularly enthusiastic about independent Indian settlement.