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John Everett Clough

1836-1910. Baptist missionary to India and supervisor of a mass movement to Christianity among the Telugus. Born in W New York, frontier life in Illinois and Iowa prepared him for strenuous labors in India. As a converted skeptic he joined the Baptist church and offered himself for missionary service. In 1864 he and his wife sailed for India to a mission that three times the Baptists had been about to give up in discouragement. At Ongole he saw the beginning of a movement among the outcaste Madigas that he wisely let continue along Indian lines. The flow of converts became a flood after the famine of 1876-78, in the relief of which he played a significant role. In six weeks 8,691 were baptized. When he left India in 1910 the Baptist Telugu Mission had reached 60,000 members.