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Johann Brenz

1499-1570. German Reformer. He entered the University of Heidelberg in 1514 and came under the influence of Oecolampadius* and Luther. Ordained priest in 1520, he was appointed to the town of Hall in Swabia (1522), but was so strongly attracted to the Reformed position that he ceased celebrating Mass in 1523 and gave himself to biblical exposition. Among his works, published in an incomplete edition in Tübingen (1576-90), are many expository writings. He took a firm stand against the Peasants' Revolt* in 1525, but was compelled to flee from Hall in 1548, when it was captured by the imperial forces in the Smalealdic War. He found protection under Duke Ulrich of Württemberg, who appointed him as minister of the collegiate church of Stuttgart, where he gave outstanding service to the Reformed cause. He took a prominent part in theological discussions of his time and was one of the members of the conference on doctrine called by Philip of Hesse at Marburg in 1529. He aligned himself with Luther on the doctrine of the Lord's Supper, and in 1525 published his Syngramma Suevicum, expounding Lutheran teaching on the presence of Christ in the sacrament.