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Johann Adam Schall

1591-1666. Jesuit missionary to China. Born in Cologne, he became a Jesuit, and in 1619 arrived in Macao. In 1630 he succeeded Ricci* in Peking, and by prophesying an eclipse gained an immediate reputation and a place on the board of astronomy engaged in reforming the calendar. He also became chaplain of a chapel within the imperial palace, having won the esteem of the first Manchu emperor. Many palace eunuchs were converted. After again successfully predicting an eclipse in 1645, Schall was appointed president of the board of astronomers, but he suffered through his support of Ricci in the Chinese Rites Controversy.* Moreover Confucian literati, envious of him, falsely accused him of planning a Portuguese invasion. An amnesty saved him from a cruel death, and eventually he died naturally in Peking.