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JOGBEHAH (jŏg'bē-a, Heb. yoghbehâh, lofty). A city in Gilead assigned to Gad (Num.32.35; Judg.8.11). It is represented today by Jubeihah, a village midway between Rabbath Ammon and es-Salt.

JOGBEHAH jŏg’ bə hə (יָגְבֳּהָֽה). A city in Gilead fortified by the tribe of Gad (Num 32:35). Gideon, in his pursuit of the Midianites, made a circuit around it in order to attack them from the rear (Judg 8:11). The site is Khirbet el-Ajbeihat, seven m. NW of ’Amman.

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

A city in Gilead assigned to Gad and fortified by that tribe (Nu 32:35). It lay on the line along which Gideon chased the Midianites (Jud 8:11), and the indication there leaves no doubt that it is represented today by Ajbeihat. The name attaches to 3 groups of ruins which date from Roman times. The position is about 7 miles Northwest of `Amman, and about midway between that city and the town of es-SalT. It stands 3,468 ft. above the level of the Mediterranean.


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