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JEZANIAH (jĕz-a-nī'a, Heb. yezanyāhû, probably Jehovah hears). An army officer, son of Hoshaiah, a Maacathite. He lived at the time of the fall of Jerusalem (Jer.42.1; “Jaazaniah” in 2Kgs.25.23; Jer.40.7-Jer.40.8).

JEZANIAH jĕz’ ə nī’ ə (יַֽאֲזַנְיָ֨הוּ). A military officer; son of Hoshaiah, a Maacathite (2 Kings 25:23 Jaazaniah; Jer 40:7, 8; 42:1 Azariah). After the capture of Jerusalem by the Babylonians, he and his men went to Gedaliah at Mizpah. Apparently he tried to bring to justice those who had murdered Gedaliah. He consulted with Jeremiah regarding God’s will for the Israelites who were migrating to Egypt. Called Azariah in Jeremiah 42:1 (RSV, whereas KJV and ASV have Jezaniah).

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

In Jer 40:8, and also 42:1 where Septuagint has "Azariah," as in 43:2 (see Driver, Jer) = JAAZANIAH, (1) (which see).