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JEIEL (jē-ī'ĕl, Heb. ye‘î’ēl, probably God has gathered)

JEIEL jĭ ī’ əl (יְעִיאֵ֖ל, of uncertain meaning. Gesenius suggests on basis of Arabic, treasured of God). 1. A “chief” of the Reubenites through a certain Joel, a man who lived in the days of Jotham (8th cent. b.c.). (See 1 Chron 5:7 cf. 3-6 and 17.)

2. A “porter” or “gatekeeper” at the central sanctuary when the Ark was first brought to Jerusalem, a Merarite of the tribe of Levi (1 Chron 15:18). Because of textual problems it is hard to know his task, whether to play harp or psaltery or both (viz. 15:18, 21; cf. 16:5 and commentaries loc. cit.).

3. A descendant of Levi through Asaph and ancestor of a certain Jahaziel who prophesied in aid of Jehoshaphat just before the famous victory of Berachah (2 Chron 20:14-16).

4. One of those who took foreign wives (Ezra 10:43).

5. A generous Levite (2 Chron 35:9).

6. Kethibh (received Heb. text) יְעואֵל but יְעוּאֵל qere and so in Kittel, Biblica Hebraica. He was an ancestor of King Saul living in Gibeon (1 Chron 9:35).

7. Another whose name is treated as in 4 was one of David’s valiant men (1 Chron 11:44).

8. Still another as in 4 and 5 who was the “scribe” or “secretary” of King Uzziah (2 Chron 26:11).

9. Another is spelled יְעוּאֵ֣ל in Kethibh but יְעִיאֵ֣ל in qere, one of the caravan of Ezra who returned from Babylon (Ezra 8:13).

10. Spelled יְעוּאֵ֑ל, son of a certain Zerah (1 Chron 9:6).

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

(ye`i’el, meaning unknown):

(1) A Reubenite (1Ch 5:7).

(2) In 1Ch 8:29, added in the Revised Version (British and American) from 9:35, where Kethibh is "Jeuel," an ancestor of King Saul; the King James Version "Jehiel."

(3) One of David’s mighty men (1Ch 11:44). the King James Version is "Jehiel"; Kethibh is "Jeuel."

(4) A Levite, keeper of the ark with Obed-edom (1Ch 15:18,21; 16:5; 2Ch 20:14), called "Jehiah" in 1Ch 15:24.

(5) A Levite (1Ch 16:5) = "Jaaziel" of 1Ch 15:18 (which see).

(6) A scribe under King Uzziah (2Ch 26:11).

(7) A chief of the Levites, present at King Josiah’s great Passover feast (2Ch 35:9).

(8) One of those who had married foreign wives (Ezr 10:43) = "Juel" in 1 Esdras 9:35.

(9) the King James Version in 2Ch 29:14; see Jehiel, (5).

(10) the King James Version in Ezr 8:13; see Jeuel, (3).