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JEHUD (jē'hŭd). A town in the tribe of Dan, about seven miles (twelve km.) nearly east of Joppa and near modern Tel Aviv (Josh.19.45).

JEHUD je’ hud (יְהֻ֥ד). A town of Dan, named between Baalath and Bene-berak (Josh 19:45). It is identified with modern el-Yahudiyeh, eight m. SE of Jaffa. The corresponding name in the LXX is Azor, which is prob. based on a variant reading.

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

A town in the lot of Da named between Baalath and Bene-berak (Jos 19:45). The only possible identification seems to be with el-Yehudiyeh, which lies about 8 miles East of Jaffa.