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JEHOVAH-SHAMMAH (jē-hō'va-shă'ma, Jehovah is there). The name of the heavenly Jerusalem as seen in the vision of Ezekiel (48:35 kjv, marginal note).

JEHOVAH-SHAMMAH jĭ hō’ və shă’ mə (יְהוָ֥ה שָֽׁמָּה, Yahweh is there). The name (KJV) to be given the restored and beautified Jerusalem of the Messiah’s kingdom (Ezek 48:35). The Lord had departed from His temple and city (ch. 11); He is to return to His city (ch. 43) and remain in favor and glory among His redeemed people forever. This is God’s goal for His elect people. God’s name is inseparably linked with His chosen city, the place of His abode. Compare the parallel in Revelation 21.

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

sham’-a (yahweh shammah, "Yahweh is there"): The name to be given to the new Jerusalem, restored and glorified, as seen in the vision of Eze (48:35 margin; compare Re 21:3). Yahweh returns to the temple which He had forsaken, and from that time forward the fact of supreme importance is that He is there, dwelling in the midst of His people.