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JEHOVAH-SHALOM (jē-hō'va-shā'lŏm, Jehovah is peace). The name Gideon gave to an altar he built at Ophra to commemorate the word spoken to him by the Lord, “The Lord is Peace” (Judg.6.24 kjv).

JEHOVAH-SHALOM jĭ hō’ və shā’ ləm (KJV tr. of יְהוָ֛ה שָׁלֹ֥ום, Yahweh is peace). The name (KJV) Gideon gave the altar he constructed in Ophrah to commemorate the visit of the angel of the Lord, who assured Gideon that he would not die because he had seen an angel, and commissioned him to liberate Israel from the Midianites (Judg 6:23, 24).

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

sha’-lom (yahweb shalom, "Yahweh is peace"): This was the name given by Gideon to the altar he built at Ophra, in allusion to the word spoken to him by the Lord, "Peace be unto thee" (Jud 6:24). It is equivalent to "Yahweh is well disposed."