JEHONADAB (jē-hŏn'a-dăb, Heb. yehônādhāv, Jehovah is liberal). Also appears as Jonadab. 1. Son of David’s brother Shimeah (2Sam.13.3; niv “Jonadab”).

2. Son of Recab, of the Kenite clan, who assisted Jehu in abolishing Baal worship in Samaria (2Kgs.10.1-2Kgs.10.36). In Jer.35.1-Jer.35.19 he is called the forefather of the Recabites, who derived from him their primitive and simple manners.

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

(yehonadhabh, either "Yahweh is noble" or "liberal," or "Yahweh has impelled") = Jonadab (yonadhabh, same meaning):

See Jonathan, (4).

See Rechab, Rechabites.

David Francis Roberts