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Jean Garnier

1612-1681. Jesuit* scholar. Native of Paris, he entered the Jesuit Order at Rouen in 1628 and taught philosophy at Clermont-Ferrand for ten years from 1643, and theology thereafter at Bourges until his death. A church historian, patristics scholar, and moral theologian, he published in 1648 Libellus fidei, arising from the Pelagian controversy, providing critical and historical notes. At Paris he edited all the works of Marius Mercator, with important treatises on Pelagianism (see Pelagius) and Nestorianism* (1673), and the Breviarium causae Nestorianorum et Eutychianorum with his own reflections on the Fifth Council (1675). He wrote on scholastic philosophy and moral and doctrinal theology, as well as a library manual, Systema bibliothecae collegii Parisiensis S.J. (1678), and made a critical edition of the papal Liber Diurnus (1680).