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Jane Laurie Borthwick

1813-1897. She and her sister Sarah (Mrs. E.J. Findlater, 1823-1907), staunch supporters of the Free Church of Scotland, published anonymously Hymns from the Land of Luther (4 vols., 1854-62). The title of these translations supplied the initials “H.L.L.” over which many of the hymns first appeared. A number were published as Thoughts for Thoughtful Hours (1857). A complete edition of H.L.L. (113 translations) was published in 1862; an 1884 edition added thirty- three “Alpine Lyrics” from the German-Swiss Meta Heusser- Schweizer (issued separately in 1875). The sisters' translations represented relatively more hymns for the Christian life and fewer for the Christian year than those of C. Winkworth.* Miss Borthwick's best-known translations are “Be still, my soul!” (K.a.d. von Schlegel); “How blessed, from the bonds of sin” (Spitta); “Jesus, still lead on” (Zinzendorf); and “Jesus, Sun of Righteousness” (Knorr von Rosenroth). Mrs. Findlater's are “O happy home” (Spitta), which reflects the type of home enjoyed by both author and translator, and “God calling yet!” (Tersteegen). They wrote also some original hymns.