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JAAR (jā'ar, Heb. ya‘ăr, wood, forest). KJV and ASV of Ps.132.6 render the Hebrew word “the field of the wood,” whereas NIV and RSV render it as a place-name, “Jaar.” If it is a place, it can possibly be identified with Kiriath Jearim, where the ark was stored for twenty years before David brought it to Jerusalem.

JAAR jā’ ər (יָֽעַר, wood, forest, thicket). THE WOOD, KJV, ASV. Possibly a place (Ps 132:6 RSV). If a place, perhaps identical with Kiriath-jearim, where the Ark remained twenty years before David brought it to Jerusalem.

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

Is only once taken as a proper name (Ps 132:6 the Revised Version margin), "We found it in the field of Jaar." It may be a shortened form of the name Kiriath-jearim, where the ark had rested 20 years.

See Kiriath-jearim.