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IYIM (ī'ĭm, Heb. ‘îyîm, heaps, ruins)

A town in Judah near Edom (Josh.15.29; niv Iim). The exact site is uncertain.A town east of the Jordan River (Num.33.45), equated by NIV footnote with Iye Abarim.

IYIM ī’ yĭm (עִיִּ֑ים). KJV IIM. A shortened form of Iye-Abarim (Num 33:45). This place is different from lim of Joshua 15:29.

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

(iyim, "heaps"--the form of which, `iye, is the construct):

(1) A short form of the name Iye-abarim (Nu 33:45).

(2) A town in the territory of Judah (Jos 15:29; English Versions of the Bible wrongly "Iim"). It lay in the extreme South, "toward the border of Edom." It is not identified.