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(1) (moledheth, tse’etsa’im; sperma, "seed"): Offspring, descendants (Ge 48:6; Isa 22:24; Mt 22:25 the King James Version).

(2) (zirmah; yatsa’ (verb); rhusis): A gushing of fluid (semen, Eze 23:20; water, 47:8; blood, Lu 8:43). See next article.

When used as a description of a bodily affection the word signifies:

(1) A discharge, the consequence of uncleanness and sin (Le 15:2 ff; Nu 5:2). As such it was one of the judgments which were to afflict the family of Joab (2Sa 3:29);

(2) a hemorrhage, either natural (Le 12:7, where the word used is maqor, literally, a "fountain"), or the consequence of disease (Mt 9:20; Mr 5:25; Lu 8:43).