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HEPHER (hē'fēr, pit, well)

Head of the family of the Hepherites (Num.26.32). His son Zelophehad had five daughters who were commanded to marry within their tribe so as not to cause any of the tribal property of Manasseh to be deeded to another tribe (Num.27.1-Num.27.8; Num.36.1-Num.36.9).A son of Ashhur, the “father” of Tekoa (1Chr.4.5-1Chr.4.6).One of David’s mighty men (1Chr.11.36) from Makerah, a place otherwise unmentioned and unknown.A royal city in Canaan listed among the thirty-one that Joshua conquered (Josh.12.17). The land of Hepher (1Kgs.4.10) was SW of Jerusalem.

HEPHER he’ fər (חֵ֕פֶר). 1. Head of a family of the tribe of Manasseh, called the Hepherites (Num 26:32; 27:1; Josh 17:2, 3).

2. A man or family of the tribe of Judah (1 Chron 4:6).

3. One of David’s heroes (1 Chron 11:36).

4. A Canaanite royal city whose king was defeated by Joshua (Josh 12:17). It has not been identified.

5. One of Solomon’s administrative districts (the third); it was under the jurisdiction of Ben-hesed (1 Kings 4:10). Not identified.

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)


(1) Septuagint Hopher (Jos 12:17), a Canaanitish town mentioned between Tappuah and Aphek, unidentified.

(2) In 1Ki 4:10 a district connected with Socoh, and placed by Solomon under the direction of Benhesed of Arubboth, unidentified.

he’-fer, he’-fer-its (chepher, chephri):

(1) Septuagint Hopher (Nu 26:32 f; 27:1; Jos 17:2 f), the head of a family or clan of the tribe of Manasseh. The clan is called the Hepherites in Nu 26:32.

(2) Septuagint Hephal (1Ch 4:6), a man of Judah.

(3) Septuagint Hopher (1Ch 11:36), one of David’s heroes.