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HAGRITES (hăg'rīts). An Arab people with whom, in the days of King Saul, the tribe of Reuben made war (1Chr.5.19-1Chr.5.20). The Hagrites were so strong that Reuben won the victory only by crying to God in the battle. Ps.83.1-Ps.83.18 tells how the Hagrites were leagued not only with Moab and the Ammonites east of the Jordan, with Edom, the Ishmaelites, and Amalek to the south, but also with Begal, Tyre, and Philistia along the coast against Israel. Asaph prays that God for his own name’s sake will defeat them utterly.

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

These along with other Arab tribes are mentioned in the inscriptions of Tiglath-pileser III (745-727 BC). Jetur gave his name to the Itureans of Roman times, who were famed soldiers dwelling in Anti-Libanus. Compare Curtis, Commentary on Chronicles; Skinner, "Gen," ICC, in the place cited.