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GUR BAAL (gûr'bā'āl, sojourn of Baal). A small colony town of Arabs, against whom Uzziah of Judah was given divine aid (2Chr.26.7), perhaps in the desert south of Beersheba.

GUR gûr, THE ASCENT OF (גּוּר; LXX Γαι). An incline near Ibleam where Ahaziah was mortally wounded by Jehu’s men as he fled from the threat of assassination after the death of Joram (2 Kings 9:27). The LXX reading suggests that it should be tr. “valley” and not as a place name. W. F. Albright, however, has affirmed its identification with a Canaanite city, Gurar, which is mentioned in a 15th cent. tablet discovered at Taanach.


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