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Gerrenians, Gerrhenians

GERRENIANS, GERRHENIANS gûr rĕn’ e ənz (Γερρηνων, A Γεννηρων). Lysias, in fighting against Judas Maccabeus in 162 b.c., was forced to return to Syria because of a deterioration of affairs in Antioch. Before going N he made peace with the Jews and left Hegemonides in command from Ptolemais to the (land/city) of the Gerrenians (2 Macc 13:24 KJV). Both the text and the exact geographical reference are problematic. Because the context seems to call for a location in the S near the Egyp. frontier, it is commonly taken to be Gerar (qv., APOT I, p. 151). The Syr. understands this place to be Gezer (q.v.). Gerrha, which might be the obvious choice on the basis of the Gr. spelling, lay inside Egyp. territory, and so is impossible.