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GERA (gē'ra, Heb. gērā’, grain). A name common in the tribe of Benjamin:

1. A son of Benjamin (Gen.46.21).

2. A son of Bela and grandson of Benjamin (1Chr.8.3, 1Chr.8.5).

3. The father of Ehud (Judg.3.15).

4. A son of Ehud (1Chr.8.7).

5. The father of Shimei (2Sam.16.5; 2Sam.19.16, 2Sam.19.18; 1Kgs.2.8). Some of these are thought to be the same person, taking “father” to mean a remote ancestor and “son” a remote descendant.

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

A family name of the tribe of Benjamin, hence, not necessarily a separate individual in (3) and (4) below:

(1) A son of Benjamin (Ge 46:21).

(2) According to 1Ch 8:3,5,7, son of Bela and grandson of Benjamin. The name is repeated (8:5) in the list of Bela’s sons.

(3) Father, or ancestor, of the judge Ehud (Jud 3:15).

(4) Father, or ancestor, of Shimei, the Benjamite, who cursed David when he fled from Absalom (2Sa 16:5; 19:16,18; 1Ki 2:8).

A weight, the 20th part of a shekel (Ex 30:13; Le 27:25; Nu 3:47; 18:16; Eze 45:12).

See Weights and Measures.