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GENUBATH (gē-nū'băth, Heb. genuvath, theft). A son of Hadad the Edomite, the fugitive prince, by the sister of Queen Tahpenes, the wife of the pharaoh who governed Egypt toward the end of David’s reign (1Kgs.11.20).

GENUBATH gĭ nōō’ băth (גְּנֻבַ֣ת). The son of Hadad, the Edomite, who fled to Egypt from Edom when Edom was invaded by David’s army under the leadership of Joab, and all the males of Edom were killed. Genubath was born to Hadad and the sister of Tahpanes, Pharaoh’s wife. He was weaned by Tahpanes and was raised among the sons of Pharaoh (1 Kings 11:20).

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

Son of Hadad, the fugitive Edomite prince, born and brought up at the court of Egypt, whither Hadad had fled when David conquered Edom (1Ki 11:20). His mother was a sister of Tahpenes, queen of the Pharaoh who ruled Egypt at that time, and who belonged to the notoriously weak and uninfluential 21st dynasty.