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Ge Harashim

GE HARASHIM (gĕ hăr'ă-shĭm, Heb. gê‘ hărāshîm, valley of craftsmen). Located east of Joppa between Ono and Lod (Lydda), it was settled by one Joab, apparently of Judah (1Chr.4.14). It received its name because artificers or craftsmen lived there (Neh.11.35).

GE-HARASHIM gĭ hăr’ ə shĭm (גֵּ֣יא חֲרָשִׁ֔ים, valley of craftsmen). 1. A Kenizzite craft clan of the tribe of Judah whose ancestor was Joab, son of Seraiah, son of Kenaz (1 Chron 4:14; KJV VALLEY OF CHARASHIM). Apparently their settlement was known as “Valley of Craftsmen” because craftsmen had settled there. Then the clan itself came to be designated by the place name (1 Chron 4:14).

2. A geographic location near Lod and Ono (Neh 11:35; “valley of craftsmen” in KJV and RSV) which was resettled by Benjamites after the Exile. It is prob. the same as the site settled by the Kenizzite craft clan mentioned above. Its association with Lod and Ono points toward identification with one of the valleys bordering the Plain of Sharon. Wadi esh-Shellal and Sarafand el-Kharab have been suggested (IDB). Alternatively, it is suggested that Hirsha, E of Lod (modern Lydda) marks the site. These identifications imply that a Judahite clan lived outside the boundaries of Judah. This is readily explained in terms of the easy geographic mobility of skilled craftsmen.

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

In 1Ch 4:14, the King James Version renders "valley of Charashim." In Ne 11:35, English Versions of the Bible renders "valley of craftsmen"; here it is named with Lod and Ono. Something of the name perhaps survives in Khirbet Hirsa, East of Lydda.