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GARNET gârn’ et, a common and widely distributed accessory rock-forming mineral, particularly in micaceous schists and in some igneous rocks. The color of this silicate mineral varies greatly, being dependent upon the varying proportions of calcium, magnesium, manganese, aluminum, chronium and titanium present. It is used as a gemstone, particularly the deep red magnesium-aluminum variety pyrope and the brownish red to deep red ironaluminum variety almandine in which the color sometimes inclines to purple. Two other varieties also show purple color (Exod 28:18; 39:11; Ezek 27:16; 28:13 NEB): (i) the manganese-aluminum variety spessartite, which is generally dark hyacinth red to brownish red, but sometimes with a tinge of violet, and (ii) the magnesium-iron-aluminum variety rhodolite which shows delicate shades of pale rose-red and purple.