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Gad (David's seer)

GAD (DAVID’s SEER), găd (גָּד, H1514; LXX Γάδ, G1122, good fortune). A prophet, or seer, who served King David. He was with David when David sought refuge for his father and mother in Moab during the time he was hunted by Saul. Upon Gad’s advice, David left the stronghold in Moab and entered the forest of Hereth in Judah (1 Sam 22:3-5).

After he had ill-advisedly conducted a census of the people, David became consciencestricken and confessed his sin to the Lord. The next day Gad brought David a message from the Lord. He was to choose one of three punishments—three years of famine, three months of defeat at the hand of his enemies, or three days of pestilence. David chose to suffer by pestilence, and 70,000 men perished. God relented just as the angel of the Lord was standing on the threshing floor of Araunah (Ornan the Jebusite, 1 Chron 21:15). Gad directed David to build an altar to the Lord on that very spot. After David had offered sacrifices, the plague was stopped (2 Sam 24:10-25; 1 Chron 21).

Gad wrote a document recording the life and activities of David (1 Chron 29:29) and assisted David in establishing arrangements for the Temple musicians (2 Chron 29:25).

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