FURNISHINGS (Heb. hār, kēlîm, Gr. skevē). In the Bible the principal reference to furnishings is in the articles in and about the tabernacle and the temple. The main items were the large altar and the laver, outside; then the table of the bread of the Presence, the lampstand or “candlestick,” and the altar of incense in the Holy Place; then in the Most Holy Place the ark of the covenant (Exod.25.1-Exod.25.40-Exod.40.1-Exod.40.38). Generally beds were mats, spread on the floor and rolled up during the day, though Og of Bashan is said to have had a bed of iron (Deut.3.11). The tables in OT times were generally very low and people sat on the floor to eat. Royal tables were often higher (Judg.1.7), as were those in NT times (Mark.7.28).