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Frederick Cornwallis Conybeare

1856-1924. Armenian scholar. Elected fellow of University College, Oxford, in 1880, he resigned in 1887 to devote himself to research, particularly in Armenian, in order to obtain material for the textual criticism of the Greek classics. Because of the religious nature of the MSS he became interested in church history and in the textual criticism of the Septuagint and the NT. His discoveries included a MS with the ascription of the Last twelve verses (16:9- 20) of Mark's gospel to the “Presbyter Aristion.” He was generally skeptical toward Christianity as is shown in his Myth, Magic and Morals, a Study of Christian Origins (1909), though he refuted those who denied the historicity of Christ in The Historical Christ (1914). He also entered into controversy on a number of political issues of his day.