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Forum of Appius

APPIUS, FORUM OF (ăp'ĭ-ŭs). A town on the Appian Way, a day’s journey for sturdy travelers, about forty miles (sixty-seven km.) from Rome toward Naples, where Paul was met by Christian brothers from Rome (Acts.28.15, “Market of Appius” in asv).

FORUM OF APPIUS ăp’ ĭ əs (τὸ Αππίου φόρον, market of Appius). A traveler’s stop on the Appian Way forty-three m. S of Rome, where Paul was met by brethren from Rome on his way to the capital under guard (Acts 28:15).

It was also the northern terminus of a canal which ran through the Pontine marshes to Feronia, providing public transportation in boats towed by mules (Strabo 5.233). Horace (Sat. 1.5) vividly described the Forum as an unsavory place crammed with boatmen, innkeepers, and wayfarers, who cheat, carouse, and quarrel, the disturbance compounded by the gnats and frogs of the marshes.