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Felix of Urgel

d.818. Bishop of Urgel in Spain. An exponent of Adoptianism,* he defended his views in the presence of Charlemagne at the Council of Regensburg (792) where he was induced to recant. Sent to Rome by Charlemagne, he was compelled to sign an orthodox confession which he subsequently repudiated. Alcuin* wrote extensively against him, opposing his use of the phrase “adopted son” with regard to Christ in His human nature. At the Council of Aix-la-Chapelle (798) Felix again acknowledged himself defeated, wrote a recantation, and called on the clergy of Urgel to follow his example. He was placed under the supervision of the archbishop of Lyons till his death. It is doubtful whether his recantation was sincere, for a treatise discovered after his death contained evidence of his former views.