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He appears to have been a deacon, devoted to the study of the NT, and is now best known as the supposed author of a collection of editorial material on the NT. This consists of an arrangement of the text in short lines to facilitate its reading aloud; a division of the books into chapters with summary headings of their contents, extended over the Pauline epistles, the Acts, and the Catholic epistles; a table of OT quotations in the epistles; a list of place names at which the epistles were thought to be written; and a list of names associated with Paul's in the headings to the epistles. There is also a lengthy sketch of Paul's life, writings, and chronology, and a brief statement of his martyrdom. It has been argued that Euthalius lived in the seventh century and is identifiable with a bishop of Sulca of the same name. The name “Evagrius” also occurs in some Euthalian MSS. More commonly he is thought to have been a deacon of Alexandria about the mid-fifth century (J.A. Robinson thinks a century earlier). The system is not due entirely to one hand. The Euthalian apparatus seems to have been known fairly early in the library at Caesarea.