ENCHANTER. A person who influences people or things through charms, enchantments, and spells. (For broader issues relating to magic and sorcery, see Magic and Sorcery, Magician.)

In addition, Heb. נַ֨חַשׁ, is tr. “enchantment” (Num 23:23; in 24:1 the same word is properly tr. “omens,” RSV; “enchantments” in KJV). “Charmers” (Isa 19:3, KJV; RSV uses “sorcerers”) tr. a Heb. word of uncertain meaning (אִטִּ֔ים).

One Aram. word, אָשַׁ֥ף, is regularly tr. as “enchanter” in the RSV (KJV tr. “astrologers”; e.g. Dan 2:10). The word occurs twice as a loan word in Heb. portions of Daniel (Dan 1:20; 2:2).

The NT texts refer to broader issues of magic, sorcery, and swindling; rather than to the more specific issue of enchantment.

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