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ELEAD (ĕ'lē-ăd, Heb. ’el‘ādh, God has testified). An Ephraimite killed by men of Gath while making a raid to steal cattle (1Chr.7.21).

ELEAD ĕl’ ĭ əd (אֶלְעָ֑ד, LXX ̓Ελεαδ, God has testified). One of the descendants of Ephraim who was killed by the men of Gath while making a raid on their cattle. This tragedy moved Ephraim to call his next son Beriah, a name which in popular etymology may have been associated with the word “evil” (1 Chron 7:21).

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

(’el`adh, "God has testified"):

An Ephraimite, slain while making a raid, by the men of Gath (1Ch 7:21).