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Edward Joseph Young

1907-1968. OT scholar. After graduating from Stanford University (1929) he continued his education by travel, especially in Spain and in the Near East. He trained in theology, first in Westminster Theological Seminary, Philadelphia, then under Albrecht Alt in Leipzig, before taking his Ph.D. (1943) at what is now Dropsie University, Philadelphia. He was instructor (1936-39), assistant professor (1939-46), and professor (from 1946) of OT at Westminster Theological Seminary. Young was especially outstanding for his linguistic brilliance, his gentleness and modesty, and his tenacious loyalty to the inerrant Scriptures. He conversed easily in many languages, including Russian and Arabic. Hebrew and other Semitic languages were his familiar companions. He presented his views with a genuine humility, and his deference to faculty colleagues was notable. Yet he would never surrender any demand made by the authoritative Scriptures, and he constantly adhered to that line. His major works include An Introduction to the Old Testament (1949); The Prophecy of Daniel (1949); My Servants the Prophets (1952); Thy Word is Truth (1957); and the magisterial Book of Isaiah (3 vols., 1965ff.).