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Dwelling Place

מָעוֹן, H5061, can be a “refuge” or “habitation” of jackals (Jer 9:11; 51:37) or of God in heaven (Deut 26:15). God is called “a dwelling place” or “refuge” for His own (Ps 90:1). Cf. Esther 4:14 (KJV) where “place” may refer to God.

Κατοικητήριον means the “dwelling (place)” of God in believers, the Church of Christ. Revelation 18:2 refers to destroyed Babylon as the “dwelling place” for demons.

̓Αστατέω, “to be homeless, unsettled,” is used by Paul in describing the deprivation of the apostles (1 Cor 4:11). The KJV reads: “have no certain dwelling place.” See House.


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