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Day Star, Day-Star

See also Morning star

DAY STAR, DAY-STAR, Gr. φωσφόρος, G5892, literally “bearer of light,” name applied to Venus in classical Gr. astronomy. It is hapax legomenon in 2 Peter 1:19. The name is utilized by the Ger. alchemist Henning Brandt (17th cent.) for the element phosphorus (P) in a.d. 1669. There is some evidence that it was applied to the sun by certain Hel. astrological writers, but its primary reference from early Hel. times onward was to Venus, the morning star (planet). Such usages in the NT are prob. snatches of liturgical or doxological phrases used by the Apostolic Church and obliquely referring to OT passages such as Numbers 24:17. The tr. of the RSV, “morning star” is to be preferred.